The personality of Restaurant “La Locanda del Gatto Rosso” is tied to the seasons, the loyalty of the traditional recipes, ranging from the classics of Milanese cuisine to Mediterranean recipes.

Bread, pasta and homemade desserts are a guarantee.
Appetizers include the raw fish, shrimp, squid sauteed with the onion of Tropea crisp, cold cuts and cheeses selected, including “‘Nduja” Calabrian chili salami or Parma ham and Culatello di Zibello with 24 months of seasoning.

The offer ranges from the first home-made ravioli, onion soup, spaghetti alla chitarra with cod and the inevitable “Risotto alla Milanese”.

The seafood menu depending on the fish market, baked, grilled fish or in crust and proposal for a traditional recipes with cod.

The menu of land offers the classic veal cutlet Milanese , the famous Ossobuco with yellow rice, the T-bone Florentina, Fillet and beef Tagliata, finnaly dont forget the “La Locanda” lamb and chicken.

The “Locanda del Gatto Rosso” invites you to discover its gastronomic offerings with pasta and bread gluten-free, an opportunity for celiac guests to savor our delicacies.
For more information, ask the staff in the dining room.

The pride of the restaurant are hand-made cakes.

Browse the menu at “La Locanda del Gatto Rosso.”

Black mussels soup with bread croutons
Mix of shellfish with tomato sauce
Trio of raw smoking fish:
salmon, red tuna and swordfish
Grilled Octopus with rucola salad, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar
Cod fish balls flavored with ginger and crispy zucchini
Marinated salmon with citrus and dill
Bruschette with rucola salad, buffalo mozzarella DOP, tomatoes (vegetarian)
Eggplant pie parmigiana style (vegetarian)
Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella cheese
Special italian seasoned ham served with fried bread
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, black olives, basil and oregano (vegetarian)
Flan with pumpkin and porcini mushrooms with parmesan cheese fondue (vegetarian)
Selection of italian cold cuts served with warm focaccia bread
“Carpaccio” thin slices of raw beef fillet with rucola salad and parmesan cheese seasoned 24 months

Maccheroni with codfish zucchini flowers and dried tomatoes
Rice creamed with curry and shrimps
Homemade fettuccine with fresh salmon and zucchini cream
Spaghetti with clams
Homemade spaghetti with prawns and cherry tomatoes
Spaghetti with seafood in a tomato base sauce
Homemade tagliatelle with tomato meat sauce
Traditional italian recipe with eggs, crispy bacon and Pecorino cheese
Homemade ravioli stuffed with braised beef with tomato souce and a caramelized onions (typical dish)
Traditional italian lasagna

Homemade spinach gnocchi with blue cheese and walnuts (vegetarian)
Risotto alla milanese
Rice Carnaroli with saffron served in the crust of Parmesan cheese (typical dish)
Tomato soup with the basil (vegetarian)
Vegetable soup (vegetarian)

Soup of beans with spelled (vegetarian)
Vegetable soup with rice (vegetarian – typical dish)

Codfish with saffron sauce and lemongrass
Seabass in crust of hazelnuts with fondue cream of pumpkin and parmesan cheese
Citrus salmon with caramelized onion
Scampi and prawns in butter sauce or grilled
Fried cod fish with zucchini flowers

Fried calamari, shrimps, small prawn and vegetables

Mixed grilled fish

Fresh sea bass cooked in a crust of rock sea salt with grilled vegetables for 2 person
Whole brick-roasted chicken with mixed herbs and roast potatoes (waiting 18 minutes)

Veal cutlet “Milanese style” with roast potatoes (typical dish)
Veal chop in a sauce prepared with butter, white wine, sage and lard served with mashed potatoes (typical dish)
Breaded shank of veal with risotto “Milanese style” (typical dish)
Fiorentina steak (T-bone) 1 Kg cut at the table and served with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables
Pounded sirloin of beef with garlic, chili pepper, oregano and vinegar
Sliced sirloin of beef with rucola salad and parmesan cheese with balsamic vinegar source scented with truffle
Fillet of beef grilled or with green pepper with roasted potatoes

Chateaubriand with bernese sauce cut at the table and served with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables

Insalata di pollo
Mixed green salads, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes
Insalata Valtellinese
Green salade, dried beef, cherry tomatoes, italian cheese DOP 

Insalata Lizz
Mixed green salad, red salad, shrimp, smoked salmon, palmito

Insalata della Locanda
Rocket, pear, parmesan, cherry tomatoes and walnut 

Insalata di gamberi e calamari grigliati ai sapori mediterranei
Mixed green salads, grilled calamari and shrimps, capers, almonds, raisins, cherry tomato, yogurt sauce and chives
Insalata di filetto
Soncino salad, cubes of beef fillet, cherry tomatoes

Tomato, garlic, oregano (vegetarian)
Tomato, mozzarella and basil (vegetarian)
Alle verdure
Tomato, mozzarella and mixed grilled vegetables (vegetarian)
Ai formaggi
Mixed cheeses (vegetarian)
Il Nostro calzone
Mozzarella, escarole, onion, anchovies (salted fish), black olives and salty cheese
La Locanda
Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami (‘nduja) and red onions
Crudo di Parma e bufala
Parma ham seasoned 24 months, tomato and buffalo mozzarella
Alla Parmigiana
Tomato, mozzarella fried eggplant, parmesan and basil (vegetarian)
Al salmone
Burrata cheese, salmon and chives
La Delicata
Shrimps, goat cheese, and zucchini flowers
Mozzarella, beef carpaccio, truffled oil and parmesan cheese seasoned 24 months
Pizza ai porcini
Tomato, mozzarella, pesto basil sauce, porcini mushrooms and parmesan cheese seasoned 24 months (vegetarian)

Panna cotta pudding
topping: strawberry or caramel or dark chocolate
Caramelized vanilla cream with peaches
Dessert buffet at your choice
Warm apple pie with vanilla ice-cream
Mini chocolate cake and cream flavored with orange
“Carosello della Loncanda”
Trio of desserts, tiramisu, panna cotta and caramelized vanilla cream and peaches
Chocolate Fondue with fresh fruit
“Panettone farcito”
Traditional cake from Milano with mascarpone and chocolate cream (typical dish)
Coppa mista ice cream
Tastes of your choice
Ice-cream with coffee
“Coppa gelato della Locanda”
Homemade ice cream with cream and whipped cream
Homemade ice cream with fresh fruit
Ice-cream with whisky
Cup of vanilla ice cream drowning in the dark
Fruit salads
Strawberry cup
Mix of berries

Coffè or hot thè or cappuccino
Fresh Orange juice or grapefruit or fruit juice from “Gatto Rosso”
Sweet at your choiche
Coffè or hot thè or cappuccino
Fresh Orange juice or grapefruit or fruit juice from “Gatto Rosso”
Fresh fruit salad
Toasted bread and homemade jam from “Gatto Rosso”
Coffè or hot thè or cappuccino
Fresh Orange juice or grapefruit or fruit juice from “Gatto Rosso”
Fresh fruit salad
Toasted bread and homemade jam from “Gatto Rosso”
Ham and cheese omelet or scrambled eggs
with bacon and tomatoes